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Applying for a Job in Canada for PR

US Visa consultants in Abu Dhabi

Canada is a land of opportunities and people look forward to a comfortable life for themselves and their families. Finding work in Canada is an important concern and Canada & US Visa consultants in Abu Dhabi can proficiently handle the new job searches. A job offer from a Canadian employer is preferred for getting an invitation to apply for PR. This contributes to additive Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points for the applicant. This is even the eligibility criteria for many PNPs aligned with the Express Entry. Canada always requires skilled labor and this need is increasing greater than ever. The migration consultants in Abu Dhabi can give you an overview of the in-demand jobs, that includes:

• Registered nurse
• Financial advisor
• Driver
• Sales associate
• HR manager
• Accountant
• Electrical Engineer
• Developer
• Welder
• Receptionist
• Project manager
• Heavy-duty mechanic
• Business development officer
• General laborer
• Merchandiser

The people having experience in any of these areas will have their skills high in demand.

Finding a job in Canada

The Immigration Consultants in Abu Dhabi revealed that the Canadian government added over one million jobs in June as the businesses have restarted with the restrictions being reopened. There are many resources to find out the jobs and your migration consultants in Dubai will assist you with the same.

Spotting a fake job offer

Job offer fraud is at its peak in the world of immigration. It is important to assure that the clients avoid any scams or mistakes, like the fake job offer along their migration journey. It is not legal to ask someone to pay for a job or offer a letter. The company needs to have official letterhead with valid contact information.

Apply for a job in Canada

The following steps will guide you in the process of applying for a job in Canada:

1.Update your CV and cover letter: Your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is a document consisting of details about your achievements, education, and employment history. This would be the first thing checked by your employer. It is always advisable to make your first impression good. The resume needs to include all the personal and professional achievements that you are proud of. The cover letter will explain why you are right for the particular job.
2.Research: Spend time researching the companies where you’d like to work. Get an idea from their website and understand their company culture to find out any job openings or requirements.
3.Social media advantage: Social media is the best networking tool that can help you in making the job search appropriately.
4.Getting references: Strong references can make employers know more about you and your employment history. It is a valuable resource for job hunting. Ask your employers to provide you references for helping you with a job in Canada.
5.Following up: Check out with the employer and show enthusiasm to demonstrate your interest in the particular job. Thank them for the consideration and follow up till you get a response.
6.Trenity Consultants: Your Canada and US Visa Consultants in Abu Dhabi

If you have made up your mind for Canadian immigration from Abu Dhabi, Trenity consultants can be your guide. They have a qualified team of experts that are ready to help you with the process of migration. You can get access to a Canadian employment advisor by phone and email. The migration consultants in Abu Dhabi will give personalized training and submission of documents for introduction to the employment websites. They will guide you for free online assessment and there will be a dedicated consultant given to you for all the proceedings. These immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi are highly experienced and knowledgeable to obtain the most reliable knowledge for shifting to the US.

TN Status visa is a special non-immigrant classification in the US offering work approval to a citizen of Canada or Mexico. The North American Free Trade Agreement mandates simplified entry and employment for professionals from member states. There are minimum education requirements for getting a NAFTA work permit for US citizens. Trenity Experts will be available for all your requirements and is among the top migration consultants in Dubai and UAE.

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