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Australian Immigration and Student Visa Amendments

Australian Immigration and Student Visa Amendments

Are you a student from UAE planning to study in Australia? There are amendments in the immigration process with visa amendments in 2021-22 for supporting the immediate response of the country to COVID-19 that would affect those living in Australia permanently. The international students will be impacted by these amendments in the visa. Some highlights of the student’s knowledge regarding the amendments are as follows:

Australian immigration and visa changes

Australia has limited positions for migration programs each year. There are no changes made to the skilled stream numbers that will be 77,300 for the family stream & 79,600 for the skilled stream. The capping will remain the same for the total number to be 160,000.

Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) will support fast-track visa applications for supporting the financial recovery of the country. There are a total of 41 occupations added to PMSOL (including 22 added occupations).

Visa holders being sponsored by PMSOL occupation Australian business will be subjected to quarantine arrangements at their own expense. The visas will be processed with the active status of the existing skilled migration lists. However, the priority would be given to the occupations on PMSOL. The occupations on PMSOL are:

• Civil Engineer
• Mechanical Engineer
• Psychiatrist
• Electrical Engineer
• Veterinarian
• Medical Lab Scientist
• Midwife
• Resident Medical Officer

There are certain sectors where international students could work for more than 40 hours. Many international students in Australia are facing hardships due to the economic crisis caused due to COVID-19. There were losses in jobs hampering students to support themselves. Only the workers in certain sectors can work for more than 40 hours. The country’s labour shortages could be covered by these working hour caps. International students working in the crucial sectors would be eligible: healthcare, tourism, and hospitality, agriculture, or aged care segment.

Onshore Applicants Priority

The top priority would be given to onshore applicants while the department makes planning for prioritizing the visa allies. There will be a benefit for the onshore applicants for 2021-22 as the borders of Australia will probably remain closed till the early phases of 2022. There is hope for those who are inside Australia. The government aims to reduce pressure from the major cities due to population blow-out concerns. It is expected that the government will issue skilled visas for international students living in regional and low-populated areas.

Citizenship application fee to increase from July 1

The immigration and visa changes in 2021-22 would have an increase in the citizenship application fee. The total cost of delivering the citizenship program will change from AUD 285 (since 2016) to AUD 490. The new fee has a comprehensive approach to end-to-end citizenship processing and reflects the different costs, increased application complexity that takes longer for processing. The government is recovering the citizenship applications with about half of the costs of processing citizenship applications. The new cost of citizenship by conferral will be lower than in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


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