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Benefits Of Citizenship by Investment in Grenada

Trenity Consultants is one of the leading immigration consultants in UAE. People immigrate to a new country in search of better living opportunities. There are a number of reasons which urge people to uproot from their home country to a new one. The reasons can be ranging from unemployment issues, war, political issues etc. Immigration to a new country has to be done legally and lawfully. Illegal immigration can put life at risk. Choosing the straight path reaps benefits. Trinity Consultants assure you all the assistance and help needed for its applicants to settle into a new country. Anyone consulting us will never be disappointed. We can proudly say that we are the best immigration consultants in Dubai.

Grenada, a Caribbean country known for its spices and beautiful beaches offers an easy citizenship by investment. To acquire Grenada citizenship by investment, applicants should either make a contribution of $150,000 to the National Transformation Fund or purchase real estate worth of at least $220,000. Trinity Consultant will guide in Citizenship by Investment in Grenada with all the procedures and paperwork. We are the best immigration Consultant in Dubai and we give priority to each applicant with utmost care.

Benefits Of Citizenship by Investment in Grenada

Citizenship By Investment in Grenada came into being in 2013 when the Grenadian Parliament passed Act no.15/2012 – the Citizenship by Investment Act. Anyone holding a Grenada passport have visa-free access to 144 countries. Grenada passport holders can also obtain U.S E2 visa as well as U.S. E2 visa which benefits them in a number of ways. Beside these advantages there are a number of opportunities and benefits waiting for anyone immigrating to this beautiful Caribbean country. Some of the advantages of the Citizenship by Investment in Grenada are:

• Quick Processing of application

If one is applying for citizenship through the process of investment it is guaranteed that the application will be approved quickly and hazzle free. There are high chances that after investing in real estate your application will be approved within 120 days.

• There is no necessity of residency

In order to get a Grenadian citizenship, it is not necessary to be a resident. While many countries insist on factors like visiting the country, learning the language etc there are no strict prerequisites in Grenada. The investment one makes in Grenada is safe and secure and its benefits can easily be attained. There is also no minimum period of stay in Grenada.

• Can include dependents

Any one of the dependents like spouse, children under 30, unmarried siblings aged 18 and over, parents or grandparents of the main applicant or the spouse can be included in the initial investment.

• Dual citizenship is recognized

There is no restriction on dual citizenship in Grenada. Grenada also will not disclose your citizenship to your home country.

Transferable Citizenship

Grenada investment program also brings about an advantage of transferrable citizenship. Citizenship is transferrable to spouse and future generations.

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