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Upcoming Changes In Immigration For Student Visa

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Immigration rules and visa regulations are fluctuating and any aspirant must adhere to the latest updates. Australia announced crucial visa changes for supporting world wide students. As the latest immigration update in UAE - Dubai started inviting foreigners /visitors on a full swing. The Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management has planned to Execute a strict program for residents wishing to return that differs from the federal policy of the Emirates.

Canadian Announcements In Relation To Study And Work Visa Permits

The Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) for international education seekers who want to study in Canada , there is a major switch in immigration procedures.This Enables the international students to acquire Canadian work experience after the completion of their post Graduation Program at Canadian DLI (Designated Learning Institutes) . inorder to get eligibility for PGWP International students must have completed a full time course of not less than 8 months at a DLI. Also their study must lead to a Diploma or Degree. The ultimate length of PGWP depends on the length of course/study in Canada. . 

As per the IRCC announcement our immigration consultants in Abudhabi found that , there is a reform during May 2020 that because of the corona virus travel interruptions around the world IRCC is now allowing the immigration aspirants to study online while overseas and still can get eligibility for PGWP program. In general cases online courses are not counted towards the program of PGWP. New students only can begin the program at DLI infall 2020 and 50% of education can be completed online by staying abroad . IRCC also states that the time will not be deducted from the length of PGWP for the period spent outside Canada , upto December 2020.

Dwindling down the movement restrictions has established the getting back of canadian economy. As Canadian residents and Nationals are getting back to work in the month of May and June, the labour market recorded more than 1.24 Million people gaining employment, says the best emmigration consultants in Dubai. According to them the mind blowing increase of 40% in the immigration aspirants/labour market since lockdown , unemployment rate in Canada dropped from 13.7% in May to 12.3% in June approximately. 

Trenity Consultants are closely watching on the topic of immigration and immigration changes , the COVID-19 pandemic brought an unpredicted and critical impact over the immigration policies and procedures internationally. To control the spread of Covid-19 dozen of jurisdictions introduced and implemented quick rules on immigration to restrict the travel and these new measures exist only for a short period.

Australian Visa Changes to support International students

According to an article published recently by Australian Associated Press - Migrants are allowed to live and work in Australia if they invest and soon need to spend more money. Theorrison government is also glaring at increasing the investment thresholds for business investors visas.. Encouraging more investment in regional areas will be a key priority. The government is also searching for a dynamic program to change status. If an occupation does not appear on the Traffic Light Bulletin then no change is proposed to the current status . Trenity Consultants one of the best immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi states that the stakeholders may make a submission in relation to any occupation, even if no change is proposed at this time. 

But the status of student immigrants in Australia is diminishing as the data shows that across all education sectors there is a decline of 4.7% international students from March 2020 to June 2020. This may be because foreign students were unable to fly back into Australia before the border closure in March. 

In this hypothetical scenario the government is approaching the rules and laws modulating student visas, with more extensible manners as per Trenity Consultants Abudhabi. Students are unlikely to break these visa conditions if they are grieved by COVID-19. 

The latest job statistics may always give a hand up to people who wish to migrate to expect a healthier job market. Get in touch with Trenity Consultants to know your eligibility and various other programs.
Our immigration advisors of Trenity consultants are at work to provide you with periodical and hearten refurbish on immigration updates and news, entry cut-off scores etc., 

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