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Best Places To Get Residency And A Second Passport In Europe

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Owning a second passport in Europe is a dream for many. Residency by Investment in Europe is the dream of many people residing in the UAE. Trenity Consultants can help you to give multiple options depending on the time and investment you’re ready to spend for the migration process in Europe.
There are many options available for immigration and only the best migration consultants in Dubai can assist you in making the selection for your future.


A Portugal passport is easier to attain in comparison to the other European options. There is a shorter waiting time and the minimum processing time is 4-6 months. If you have a budget of about 280,000, 350,000 or 500,000 in buying a real estate property it is feasible to receive the residency and citizenship.
Portugal requires only 7 days of physical presence in the first year and 14 days every 2 years and another 14 days in next 2 years to get permanent Residency and knowing a Portuguese language can even lead directly for citizenship. It also has other options to live somewhere else, if you plan after getting a Portuguese passport. There are many residency options that you can qualify after making any investment in the country. The citizenship options in Europe can be discussed with Immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi for in-depth information.
It even allows the investment of 350K euros for the older or newer properties. The amount allowed can be lesser than 20% of this cost if the real estate investment is made for the low-population area. The first year requires only 7 days of stay and the next is 14 days after every two years. Portugal's citizenship program is the best residency option to move forward with a residency by investment in Europe.
You need to pass a test in Portuguese on the country’s history. It even offers the best benefits for saving taxes on your earned income, after qualification for the Non-Habitual tax program.


With the passport ranking of 16, Cyprus citizenship requires no minimum stay and the best part for investors is that there are no taxes implied on the global income at this land. The real-estate investments require 300K Euros spend on the property. You can attain second citizenship by the investment by getting the real estate with the primary applicant for residency as a beneficial owner. There is no bound to stay in the country but you should be full0time present in the country for 12 months before the application for PR. You need to live in the country indefinitely for getting naturalized (feasible after 7 years of residency).


The Best Immigration Consultants In Dubai term Greece as the least investment requiring European residency programs. It requires only 250K Euros for individual or combined property purchases. Any investment in the Greece real estate would give the owner a residency with permission to move around in the Schengen Zone without any visa.
If you need a Greek passport, it would be required to learn the language and citizenship can be obtained after seven years of naturalization time. There is a need to render military services for Greek men under 45 years of age. It must be considered for family persons. 


Malta Citizenship can be obtained only after one year of stay. The requirement for this residency by Investment in Europe requires the purchase of real estate for more than 350K euros, government bonds investment of 150K and donation of 650K euros for National Development and Social Fund (250K euros additive with a spouse). Additionally, there is a condition to live in Malta for at least half the year in 12 months. The donation would be an expense and it is mandatory to get citizenship in Malta. Citizenship in Malta can allow Schengen travel.


The golden visa program in Spain is the most expensive and requires a minimum purchase of 500K euros. Additionally, there is a need to renew the residency permit every two years. The real estate is taxed for the non-tax residents for rental income property. The preeminent migration consultants in Dubai will help you in understanding the naturalization process for residency. You need to be proficient in Spanish for naturalization for residency. The country doesn’t allow dual nationality (except for Andorra, Portugal, or any former Spain colonies, like the Philippines).


The fast track process for residency requires 512K euros for government bonds. The processing time is a bit higher than the other options but it gives access to the whole European Union. The business can be set up anywhere in Europe. The place is famous for its low crime rate and good quality of life. There is no tax implied on the worldwide income and the country requires no minimum stay. Bulgaria PR gives visa-free travel to 169 countries. The minimum time for processing is 3-4 months.

United Kingdom

You can apply for a UK visa as a representative of an overseas business if you are the sole representative of an overseas business that plans to set up a branch in the UK or any subsidiary. There should be a long-term assignment to the UK by an employee into an overseas newspaper, broadcasting, or news agency organization.

The application can be made three months before your travel. The healthcare surcharge needs to be paid with the application. The visa cost is £610 and the initial period of visa is for 3 years that can be extended for 2 more years. You can apply for permanent settlement in the UK after being there for 5 years. It is feasible to work full-time for the employer and bring your dependents to the UK. However, there is no way to work for any other business or switch to the visa in some other category.

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