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Can You Get Turkish Citizenship By Buying Property?

Turkey is a beautiful country with beaches, historical monuments and friendly people. Cost of living in turkey is low and Turkey offers good living conditions. Moving and getting citizenship in Turkey is easy and the country also recognizes dual citizenship. You can also include dependents in the citizenship program. Besides tax advantages having a citizenship in Turkey allow you to travel visa-free or with a visa-on-arrival to over 110 countries.

Adequate knowledge about the immigration laws and procedures is important before moving to Turkey. Therefore it is always recommended to contact a professional immigration consultant for proper guidance. Trenity Consultants, the leading immigration consultant in UAE offers all the necessary assistance required for moving to Turkey.

Reasons to move to Turkey:
• Getting citizenship in the country is easy and quick
• It is a beautiful country
• Low cost of living with tax benefits
• Quality healthcare
• Safe and secure
• Delightful cuisine
• Favorable climate
• Friendly people

Applying for a Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program in UAE can be done by either purchasing a real estate property with a minimum value of USD 250,000 or by fulfilling any of the below:

• Investing a minimum of USD 500,000 in Government bonds
• Generating jobs for at least 50 people
• Fixed capital contribution: USD 500,000
• Deposit into a Turkish bank account: USD 500,000
• Investing in real estate investment fund share or venture capital investment fund share with a minimum value of USD 500,000

You also have to meet a few requirements if you are applying for Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program in UAE. Only those who are above the age of 18 can apply for a citizenship. It is important to have a background with no criminal record or any other legal issues. At the time of applying you should also have good health conditions.

The steps involved in applying for Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program in UAE by buying property are easy. When you are buying a property in Turkey at first you need to get a tax registration number from the tax office. Later you have to open a bank account in Turkey in order to provide transparency of your dealings. Subsequently after selecting the property or properties of your choice in the minimum value which is required you can buy the property. While purchasing the property keep in mind the following:

• Buy completed or almost completed properties
• Property should have Habitation License
• Construction Servitude or Title Deed must be made
• Purchase through bank with proper documentation
• Title Deed Registry or Notarised Sales Contract

After purchasing the property you can get the Certificate of Conformity. Subsequently the residence permit and application for citizenship submission is done. With all the formalities completed like evaluation, verification and approval you can apply for passport and once the passport is issued you can move to the country. Your purchased property can be sold after 3 years.

For all queries and guidance get in touch with Trenity Consultants, the number one immigration consultants in UAE.

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