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Canadian Immigration Laws Updates: NOVEMBER 2020

  • November 3: British Columbia held its first Tech Pilot Draw

The state initiated 76 invitations available for applying to the provincial nomination program for PR for Express Entry BC and Skills Immigration Candidates. BC PNP Tech Pilot is a fast-track immigration program for IT workers and international students. A valid job offering is needed by the candidates in any one of the 29 eligible occupations.

  • 534 applications required by Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

SINP invited the International Skilled Worker category professionals through Occupations In-Demand and Express Entry subcategories. There were 534 invites sent and the candidates will submit their EOI profiles with SINP with 68 as the minimum cut-off score.

  • ArriveCAN app for Canadian Travelers

ArriveCAN app can be used by the Canadian travelers on their mobile phones. From November 21, the travelers to Canada need to submit their information through ArriveCAN before boarding that includes the contact and travel information, quarantine plan, and self-assessment for COVID-19 symptom test. The travelers need to show their ArriveCAN receipt on seeking for the entry to Canada.

  • Ontario Invitations for Express Entry Candidates

Ontario issued invites for the Express Entry programs for the two streams: skilled trades workers and French-speaking skilled workers. These programs are aligned with the Express Entry system. It guarantees the Invitation to Apply for Canadian PR with federal Express Entry Draw.

  • Canadian PGP Lottery System to re-initiate in 2021

Canada is expected to accept 10K parents and grandparents for 2020 program and 30K in the year 2021. There will be a random process done for sponsorship done that would give results for the PR PGP lottery program.

  • Manitoba PNP draw issued 205 invites on November 5

By far, Manitoba has issued 4273 invites to PNP candidates till date. The current PNP draw was on November 5 that issued 205 invites.

  • Immigration committee studied the impact of COVID on the Canadian Immigrants

Canadian immigration committee looked to study for the approved PR unable to travel to Canada, separated family members and other people having relocation issues due to COVID restrictions. There are studies made for examining the impact of COVID 19 on the Canadian Immigration system over maximum 8 sessions. There are no obligations on the government to amend the policies but the blocked issues will be thoroughly studied and discussed.

  • British Columbia invited 358 immigrants for PNP on November 10

On November 10, BC invited 358 candidates for provincial nomination program for PR through Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC (EEBC) program. The subcategories for invitation included skilled worker, entry-level, semi-skilled and international graduate sub-categories with the different minimum points requirements for the different sub-categories.

  • Canada focusing on offering more immigration pathways to temporary residents

Canada requires the identification of accelerating the pathways to obtaining PR for international students, asylum seekers and temporary foreign workers. COVID-19 pandemic has caused the lower immigration levels that need to be compensated in the times to come.

  • New pathways for Hong Kong residents or asylum claimants

Canada has made an announcement for opening the immigration measures for Hong Kong residents or asylum claimants from November 12 on 2021-23 Immigration Levels Plan. It even supports the interconnection of Canada and Hong Kong with the expedited processing of documents.

  • Ontario invites 443 Express Entry Candidates in new PNP draw on 14 November

Ontario has invited the candidates with work experience in the 9 targeted occupation list. This news has given a chance to hundreds of candidates to apply for Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) to 443 invitations with the CRS scoring of 469-477.

  • 15025 new Immigrants welcome in Canada in September 2020

Canada invited about 15K immigrants in September that is less than half the number that was invited in September 2019. The total number of immigrants from January-September 2020 was calculated as 143,500 that is almost the half of total number that was in 2019 for the first nine months.

  • New guidelines for students traveling to Canada floated on November 15

The federal government released the new “COVID-19 guide for international students in Canada arriving from abroad”. The guide is aligned with the healthcare advise from Public Health Agency of Canada. The students or family members having COVID-19 symptoms will not be allowed to board their flights. If the symptoms show up on Canadian arrival, the health officer will perform a screening and the person won’t be allowed to enter, or directly get transferred to a hospital for the medical check.

  • PR spots in Canada are still open for Support Workers

Canada accepting PR applications for permanent residence under Home Support Worker Pilot. There is no need to resubmit the applications for the people who already did the submission of an application. There were 2750 applications submitted for processing.

  • British Columbia PNP invites 76 candidates in new tech draw on 17 November 2020

BC PNP invited 76 candidates through the Express Entry BC and Skills immigration streams. The candidates were invited under the Skilled worker and International graduate program through BC PNP Tech Pilot scheme with a minimum scoring of 80.

  • Canadian largest Express Entry Draw on 18 November

5000 invites were issued in the draw for Canadian PR with the candidates scoring minimum 472 CRS. The express entry invitation was floated for three federal economic-class programs: Canadian Experienced Class, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Federal Skilled Worker Program.

  • Canadian processes spousal immigration applications

The new data provides positive news for those looking for sponsoring their spouse or partner for Canadian Immigration as there are more spousal immigration applications undertaken (about 80,000). IRCC made an announcement in September to speed up to 6000 spousal applications per month between September and December 2020.

  • Canada extended US border closure till December 21

Canadian government took the decision for extending border closure with the US till December 21, 2020. It is the 8th time that this extension is done on the US travelers.

  • Manitoba invited 196 Hopeful Immigrants on November 19

Manitoba invited 196 immigrants for PR for skilled worker and international graduate program through these streams: Skilled Workers Overseas, International Education Stream, Skilled Workers in Manitoba.

  • Saskatchewan invites 551 in new PNP draw

Saskatchewan invites PNP draw for Occupation in-demand (experienced candidates in a certain fields) and express entry candidates with a new round of invitations on November 19.

  • Latest Immigration Draw by Prince Edward Island on November 19

On November 19, PEI PNP issued 254 invites for Express Entry and Labour Impact Candidates. It is meant to select the immigration candidates meeting the labour market requirements by aligning with the Canadian Federal Express Entry System.


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