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Canada’s Travel Restrictions

Covid -19 positive and negative impact on immigration aspirants – Updated

Canada Work Permit
The restriction on account of outbreak of Covid – 19 authorities around the world have imposed travel restrictions, The Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi had compiled the most updated travel advisories with regard to the entry bans. Globally, efforts have focused on taking measures to contain the outbreak and prevent further spread.
Covid19 is a health threat evolving daily. Canadian Government has imposed travel restrictions or ban to Control and terminates most non-crucial (non-mandatory) travel to Canada. The risk varies between and within the communities but considering given number of cases the risk to Canadians is high.
To defence the residents of Canada from Covid-19, the travel curtailment imposed has been extended by the Prime Minister until further notice. Most foreign nationals are restriction from travelling to Canada, despite being holders of valid Visa or electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) says Canada visa experts. On the second week of August, Canada issued a new commission announcing its travel restriction will be extended till August 31st. In March middle the order of council was announced till June 30th which was later extended till July end 2020.
How Corona Virus is affecting IRCC?
The outbreak of Corona Virus Disease is dangerously affecting the immigration, refugees, citizenship and passport Applicants. Health Authorities has already issued guidance and restrictions to fight back the pandemic.
People who are eligible to enter Canada
You are eligible to enter Canada if you’re a:-
• Canadian Citizen
• Duel Canadian Citizen With a Valid Canadian passport or special authorization
• Permanent resident of Canada.
• Person Registered under Canada’s Indian Act.
• Protected person.
Eligibility of Foreign Nationals
Foreign nationals including US Citizens are allowed to enter Canada if they are eligible only. To be eligible to travel Canada one must meet with the following:-
• An immediate family member of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. -
• All other foreign nationals – You must be either travelling for an essential or non-discretionary purpose or travelling directly form US.
• Exempt form travel Restrictions :-
1. Temporary foreign Workers.
2. Some international Students
3. Immediate family members with written authorization from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to reunite with a temporary resident of Canada.
4. People who have been approved to become a permanent resident of Canada, but who are not yet permanent residents.
5. Transiting passengers
6. Accredited diplomats and their immediate family members.
7. Air and marine crew members.
8. French citizens who live in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon and have been in only Canada.
9. Person who does not pose a significant harm to public health, in the opinion of the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, and who will provide an essential service while in Canada.
10. Person whose presence in Canada is in the national interest, in the opinion of the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship; Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness; or Minister of Foreign Affairs.
11. Person who is coming at the invitation of the Minister of Health for the purpose of COVID-19 assistance.
12. Any person whose purpose is to make medical deliveries.
Public Health measures for travellers
If you are travelling by Air you must
• Overcome health check conducted by airlines before you will be allowed on board.
• Wear mask or face covering during travel including the place you will quarantine.
Arrival in Canada
Those who arrive at Canada by air or land must abide with the following:
• Update he basic information via filling the traveller contact information form. (the ArriveCan mobile app or accessible on web or paper form)
• Undergo screening by a border Service officer or quarantine office to check the symptoms.
Mandatory Quarantine Plan.
Before you exit the POE there will be an assessment to check the symptoms, irrespective of your mode of travel (via Sea, Air or Land). None of the foreign nationals are allowed to enter Canada with Covid-19 symptoms.
When you visit Canada you must definitely have quarantine plan of 14 days including:-
• A place to stay
• A plan to - get reach destination, get your groceries, access essential services and medical care.
And the above plan stands mandatory even if you have no symptoms of Corona Virus otherwise the border services officer may deny your entry permit to Canada so before you plan for Canada entry it is always advisable to seek advice from Canada visa expert - Canada expert immigration Consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Only the essential service providers who need to cross the border frequently are exempted from quarantine.
The penalties for not complying with the quarantine restriction once you entered the county may include: -
• a fine of up to $750,000
• 6 months of jail time
• Being found inadmissible, removed from Canada and banned from entering for 1 year.
Unless exempted the boaters cannot enter the Canadian waters (territorial sea or internal waters or boundary waters) because of discretionary reasons. The CBSA has temporarily cancelled or reduced service at small vessel reporting sites, small airports of entry, ferry terminals and to the Remote Area Border Crossing program

Canadian Immigration system –Updates 
  • In the initial stage of pandemic Canada continued to hold the express entry visa holders but was inviting immigration candidates for permanent residence. As this is only a temporary hiccup, the departments are open, rules are the same for applying and the country is still accepting immigrants applications as planned. Following their council on the first week of August, Canada’s Federal and Provincial immigration Ministers affirmed their commitment in welcoming immigrants to support the economic recovery. They count immigration as a crucial step to support the post Covid-19 standup. There are 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada. Every province and territory other than Nunavut has a bilateral agreement with the federal government. The bilateral agreements enable the provinces and territories to operate their own immigration programs to welcome economic class immigrants.
  • The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) is the main immigration law of the land. Based on the law, ministers approved the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Strategic Plan for Immigration 2020-2023, which would outline their priorities for immigration over this period.
  • Canada is still facing labor shortages in several sectors as the current travel restriction does not allow Canada to accept Canada Express entry visa or Canada work permit applications. Canada held its 160th Canada Express Entry draw, inviting immigration candidates to apply for permanent residence on August 19. The latest Canada express entry round issued invitation for 600 candidates with CRS scores on 771. Immigration is the golden key to maintain Canada’s positive development by filling the vacancies in labor market and this would definitely pave opportunity for Canada skilled Visa and Work Permit aspirants.
  • Ministers also agreed to continue collaborating to develop a new Municipal Nominee Program, as Canada still struggles to attract fresher’s to smaller cities. So there always a room for betterment and the immigration aspirants are always welcomed on board.
  • International students can now study in Canada through Designated Learning Institution (DLI) and still qualify to stay on and work in Canada through the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP). To secure Canada Student Visa from UAE, a student must first apply for a Temporary Resident Visa which is provided by the Canadian High Commission and facilitated by the Visa Application Centers. Trinity Consulting Services are excellent Canada visa experts.
  • Trenity consultants, the migration consultants in UAE, offer different citizenship /residency by investment programs and permanent residency programs. Trinity consulting services have extensive experience in the field, making them capable of recommending the right program for an investor to meet their goals, needs and budget.
Information is provided for guidance only. Kindly check official sources and your origin country’s travel restrictions before booking or travelling.
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