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Citizenship by Investment in Grenada

European citizenship by investment is a dream for many. Citizenship by investment in Grenada program was introduced in August 2013 and it became the only program to travel visa-free to China and even permits to hold E2 visa for the US. Many people are looking for second citizenship by investment in Grenada to stay in that nation and others might look for an opportunity to move to the USA (even apply for a Green Card) or Canada.

Grenada citizenship by investment program allows visa-free access to all the Schengen States, the UK, China, and Singapore. This program even allows the siblings to become your dependents that is a unique feature. You can hold a second passport without renouncing your present nationality. A person can obtain PR, a second passport, and Grenadian citizenship.

About Grenada

Grenada is a stunning land with an English-speaking crowd and a blend of beaches, green vegetation, and coral reefs. The country has a stabilized government and a well-established environment for investment. The citizens of Grenada can travel without any visa restrictions to 143 countries. The best immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi can guide and even do every step for you to obtain citizenship by investment in Grenada. The group of experts and legal advisors make adequate efforts to obtain citizenship for Grenada.

Grenadian citizenship is not a direct path to obtain US Green Card but the E-2 program can provide a route to expand the business in the United States. The advantage of trusting a service provider for obtaining Grenada citizenship is that the applicant won’t get stuck at any phase and smoothly get approvals as per all the rules and legal implications.

Obtaining Grenada Citizenship

There are two major options for obtaining Grenada Citizenship: To obtain the Grenada passport, the applicant has to invest in any real estate project or donate to the National Transformation Fund. The properties need to be purchased for at last USD 220,000 and kept for at least 3 years without selling it. The second scheme is to contribute USD 150,000 to the National Transformation Fund. It is a non-refundable option and needs to be paid one-time to the government. In this case, the investment amount increases with the size of the family. In either case, the processing fee and diligence are applicable for each family member.

Advantages of getting Grenada Citizenship

After obtaining Grenada citizenship, the investor will be able to get many benefits with Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program.

  • A route to E2 investor visa for the USA
  • Business and tax planning through offshore companies, bank accounts, and investment associates
  • Visa-free travel to 143 countries, including China
  • Permission for dual-citizenship
  • No physical residency or regular visits needed
  • Ability to include dependents in the application (parents over 65 years and children below 25)

Qualifications for Second citizenship by Investment in Grenada

The investments mentioned above are mandatory and apart from this perquisite, the applications need to meet the following criteria to apply to citizenship by investment

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old
  • The applicant needs to pass the diligence process and hold no criminal record
  • The real estate investment needs to be held for a minimum of 3 years

The rules for Grenada citizenship by investment are simple but strict. The applicants need to hold a clear criminal record and their source of funds must be clear. The worldwide income is tax-free in Grenada and there is no obligation to reside there. The processing time would take 2 months and the citizenship can be obtained within 6 months. The whole process can run smoothly only if you are associated with the most skillful immigration consultants and Abu Dhabi. They will guide you at every step by taking initiative to manage funds and meet the legalized real estate developers. The companies having a strong knowledge would have associated links in the region to make the investment opportunities more stabilized. The experienced staff understands all the client needs and take initiatives accordingly.


The second citizenship by investment in Grenada programme is something that would be recommended for the long-term plans. The processes can be handled by the experts at Trenity Consultants. They will make you aware of all the laws and give the citizenship rules and benefits of immigration in Grenada. The country offers many features and advantages that are not covered in any other European citizenship program. We make efforts for the smooth and active support of the whole process and prepare the applications that go through an average of two months.

It is a great deal to choose Trenity Consultants as they are the most preferred immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi. With an experienced staff and a positive track record, Grenada citizenship can be obtained by making the appropriate investments and proceed in the most preferred way to obtain European Citizenship by investment that opens many business and living prospects for you.

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