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COVID: Canada Travel restriction updates for foreign workers

Canada immigration consultants in Dubai

Covid has brought a series of travel restrictions that are announced by the different countries in the various parts of the world. There is a series of travel restrictions announced and put into effect by the Government of Canada since the lockdown hit. With the traveling restrictions and the requirements of quarantine, the Canadian government has come up with new ways to bring foreign workers towards the new measures for businesses. Canada immigration consultants in Dubai are aware of these laws and follow them completely to check the travel restrictions and implementation of the set of rules meant for Canada travel restrictions.

Requirement of work permit

Foreign workers could be exempted from the travel restrictions for non-optional or non-discretionary reasons. The foreign national residing in Canada might travel to the nation with a valid work permit. The foreign workers having a work permit approval letter might travel to Canada with a valid job offering from the Canadian employer.

Exempted work permit

There are certain work permit exemptions from the travel restrictions if they have work defined for safety, health, or food security department. This category is also exempted from 14 days quarantine with the following activities:

o Providers of emergency services for preservation or protection of life or property
o Permitted students in the health field
o Dedicated persons for delivering blood, blood products, tissues, cells, organs, or the parts required for patient requirement/care
o Marine transportation sector workers for vessel movement of goods
o Persons entering Canada for delivering, maintaining, or repairing medical equipment or devices.

• Essential Services

There are certain classes of persons providing essential services in Canada that are exempted from the travel restrictions by the orders of the CPHO (Chief Public Health Officer). They are also exempted from the 14-days quarantine requirements and the class of people in this category includes technicians, company/manufacturing unit personnel, inspection, maintenance, or repair of critical infrastructure in energy and health units. It includes the providers in health, finance, communication, water, transport, government, safety, and measuring segments.

• Air travelers

The unexempted category of air travelers is required to reserve and stay in a government-designated hotel for three nights to wait for their COVID-19 molecular testing report on their arrival in Canada. In case of a negative test, the travelers can complete the remaining 14-days quarantine at the permitted location (such as your home). In case of a positive result, the travelers need to complete a 14-day quarantine period at the government facility.

The new policies might be introduced by the government with the rise in the numbers of Covid patients.

Trenity Consultants are the Canada visa experts dealing with the Canada student visa from UAE and all types of travel visas. They can guide you through all the travel restrictions and the procedures you will have to follow on your arrival to Canada. They will be able to guide you or discuss the options for Canada Permanent Residency from UAE. The visa experts are aware of the recent laws and the Covid restrictions implied by the government of Canada. The health ministry is very conscious about the increasing covid cases all over the world and they have restricted the direct entry to avoid the widespread of coronavirus.

The experts in Canadian immigration laws can give different options to travel to Canada for the defined purposes. The process of immigration has become difficult but with the proper guidance of the migration experts, the application filing and processing can be accelerated. Trenity experts won’t let your dreams get shattered to relocate to Canada by giving you proper guidance and following the regulations for the application with the present set of laws.

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