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Is it still a great idea to shift to Canada in 2021?

2020 has been a hard year for everyone worldwide. This phase is still not over but people have started understanding the ways to deal with it and grow in their lives. Still, there are many people in the developing countries looking for shifting over to stronger economical nations in 2021. This dilemma is not wrong as COVID-19 has left everyone in a state of confusion and depression to look forward to a better scope for career and a good livelihood. Canada Visa Experts know about all how there could be a relocation done for any state of Canada and settle in this beautiful nation with a strong economy and many opportunities.
There are many countries to migrate from the UAE but top Migration Consultants In Dubai prefer Canada over the other nations for the ease of living and the endless facilities offered by the state. Trying for Canada Permanent Residency has been a choice of many people living in the UAE. However, people are still thinking about inadequate jobs after the coronavirus attack. There were many job opportunities floated by the Canadian government in the previous months for obtaining Skilled Visa Canada and straightaway getting into any state for fulfilling skilled worker criteria. The job opportunities have again started coming up for the people coming to Canada and it is rather a country requiring the least cultural adjustment for everyone.
The Canadian government has also started the processes for study visas and the Best Immigration Consultants In Dubai have started working on for the students to obtainCanada Student Visa From UAE. The study options are increasing in the coming times with more colleges and universities increasing their scope of working after Covid-19 restrictions are lessened. Even in the worst Covid-19, the Canadian government has dealt with the situations in the most preferred way by providing generous allowances and facilities to their residents.

It’s time to move on

Canada is a land with a rich and friendly culture. It is one of the most sought out countries for relocation from the UAE. There can be no country that gives endless job opportunities, a secured future, the best medical facilities, high-end education, and much more than Canada. The Immigration Consultants In Abu Dhabi rate it as the most preferred nation to move on for an overall contented state of life.

Canada immigration consultants in dubai

Benefits of relocating to Canada

Canada Immigration Consultants In Dubai can define the real scope and benefits to relocate to Canada. Canadian nationality is not easy to obtain but once a person gets it, there are endless benefits it gives to the citizens, like:

·       Dual nationality option

·       Advanced job opportunities

·       Secured life

·       Freedom of speech

·       Access to study in the 8 universities in the top 200 in the World

·       Relaxation of taxes for Canadian nationality holder (outside Canada)

·       Canadian born child gets Canadian Citizenship

Canadian Permanent Residency: Safe Investment to Future

You might have considered investing in some venture for building a safe future for your family. The investment is rewarding but could leave risky impacts. The profit you will generate in your business in the UAE might be similar to the salary of the people working in major developed countries like Canada. Your trusted visa consultant in Abu Dhabi can give you the best immigration suggestions based on your education, salary, social requirements, business investment, and other options. The migration consultants in Abu Dhabi term Canadian PR as the life insurance with single citizenship. It is a wise decision to choose Canada over the other nations where there could be a scope of settling in the best way by taking all the amenities.

Covid-19 issues related to Canada Migration

Does Covid-19 stress you for the processing of your application for Canada Permanent Residency? The Canadian immigration department has widened the scope for the migration aspirants. The companies like Pfizer have succeeded in developing medications with proven efficiency for this dreadful disease. Several developing nations have already ordered the vaccinations and, hopefully, the disease will vanish in 2021.

Covid-19 affected different nations in its way but Canada has given the facility to its residents during the tough times. The major priority for Canadian immigration would be given to the families who wish to stay together through spousal applications. The Canadian government has given a tentative idea to process about 6000 spousal applications per month from October-December 2020. The government has increased the immigration staff by 66% that would speed up the process of families and the sponsorship by the relatives in Canada.

IRRC (Immigration and Refugee Council of Canada) aims at accepting over 1.2 M people in Canada in the next 3 years. Hence, there is an increased opportunity for those who are willing to shift over to Canada for permanent settlement. Canada visa experts will get the full benefit from the government policies that will allow PR for four hundred thousand immigrants in Canada up to 2023. Trenity consultants are the best migration consultants in Abu Dhabi and have marked this phase as an excellent opportunity to kickstart life in the happy nation of Canada.

Options to Migrate to Canada via Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai

Trenity Consulting Services have developed a strong name in migrating people from the UAE to Canada, or other nations by following the legalized and most preferred means of immigration. There are several ways through which migration consultants in Dubai can help you to shift over to Canada following the government regulations. 

Ø  Express Entry

This option is mainly valid for Skilled visa Canada for the labor that is required from the other nations. You will be required to fill the requirements and submit your profile on the official website of the government. The immigration process can be started after receiving a valid invitation from the government.

Ø  Family Sponsorship

The relatives of the applicant can support you. If you have a relative older than 18 years, they can support you to migrate to Canada easily.

Ø  Self-Employed

This option holds for the people who are interested in cultural or athletic activities and do not require any job opportunity. They can work with their discretion and work professionally in Canada in their way.

Ø  Provincial Nomination

This option holds for two types of entry: Paper-based entry and Canada express entry. The rules for each state vary and you will need to make a contact as per the state rules.

Ø  Start-up visa plan

This option is given by Canadian visa experts for the people who wish to immigrate for the business prospects and providing the best opportunities to begin any business by employing Canadian citizens.

Ø  Caregivers

The caregiver immigration process provides care for children or elderly people in hospitals or privately.

Ø  Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers

This option is exclusive to Quebec province. You can consider this category for the skilled visa in Canada to work as a labor in Quebec.

Ø  Atlantic Immigration Pilot

This program works for school graduates or workers in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, and New Brunswick.

Ø  Agri-Food Pilot

This category is specially meant for working in the food and agriculture industry. With the use of this immigration program, the labor need for the industry is addressed and carried out accordingly.

Trenity Consultants is your best guide to check out the possibility to move to Canada in 2021. There are endless opportunities and the different modes through which Canada Permanent Residency can be obtained and only the proficient Canada visa experts can give the valued suggestions to select the visa category to finalize your decision to shift over to Canada.

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