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Mistakes to Avoid During a Visa Interview

This article is a guide by the experts from the best immigration consultants in Dubai to the aspirants willing to obtain Schengen or any country’s Visa by learning some common mistakes that could be avoided during their interview. There is a real reason for any rejected visa interview and you need to be aware of the common mistakes made to avoid during the visa interview.

Most of the visa applicants put their energy and efforts into collecting the necessary documents for visa application and do not focus on the interview. This failure of giving importance to the interview sometimes becomes the biggest nightmare and results in visa rejection. It is important to look impressive with a confident personality while presenting yourself in the best way for a visa interview. The migration consultants in Abu Dhabi make sure that your papers are completed and submitted appropriately, and even give tips for a successful interview. The Embassy officials of the migrating country will expect you to reveal certain qualities that make you superior to the other candidates. Visa denial is heartbreaking and you can avoid it by skipping the mistakes during a visa interview. The proficient immigration consultants in Dubai will guide you to avoid making mistakes and not to get a visa rejection stamp on the passport.

  • Unpunctual: The visa interview will be conducted at an exact date and time. The candidate would be first judged about their punctuality and it is very neglectful and discouraging not to reach on your appointment time. It is preferred to reach a few minutes earlier to calm yourself and prepare your mind to answer the interview questions well. Instead of bringing your vehicle, it is better to reach the spot by taxi to avoid the hassles of parking your car.
  • Inappropriate Answering: It is another point not preferred by the visa officials. You need to well-prepare for the interview and the migration consultants in Abu Dhabi will assist you with the dos and donts to follow for the interviews. The type of questions asked with the amount of tension carried in the interview session is being discussed with the candidates to make them comfortable. Of course, your answers will be based on the immediate questions asked but if you are aware of the type of questions asked, it will make you confident to reply. You can even write your answers during the practice phase to recall them well during the interview. Do not take too much time in answering the visa officer as it might leave a negative impact.
  • Be true and genuine: Whenever you apply for a visa, the interviewer will have more focus on asking or reconfirming the answers to the questions mentioned in your application form. You can avoid answering some questions if you are not sure about giving the appropriate reply. The visa officers hate fake information and you must be true and original to reply to them for avoiding any discrepancy.
  • Appearance: Your looks are given by the Almighty but how you present yourself depends on you. Your attire, shoes, temperament, body posture, makeup, and such important things must be well-focused before making the appearance for your interview. There is no second chance and you must make your first impression reasonable and attractive. Informal dressing, revealing clothes, or indifferent clothing would never be preferred as they do not leave a positive impact on your personality. You must maintain eye contact with the interviewer and maintain a healthy way of conversing with them. The body posture should be appropriate and must now show any signals of nervousness, disregard, superiority, or aggression.
  • Supportive Documents: Now, this is where the immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi come into a major role. Even if you represent your true thoughts and facts to the interviewer, it is essential to keep the necessary documentation ready for the visa application to present yourself more clearly. Visa officers are very vigilant and would check your attitude several times in the interview. You must carry a copy of the documents submitted in the visa office to keep everything available during the interview.
  • Irrelevant Information: You must not get hyper and understand every question well to avoid any exaggerated answers. It is wise to give necessary and relevant information to the visa officer and not to give any fake reply to impress them. Too much talking or too little talking could not be a great idea. Your answers should be simple, short, and easily assessable.
  • Nervousness: Remaining nervous during the interview is something very negative for the candidate. You must appear confident (not overconfident) and keep a little smile on your face. Speaking too little or too much may give a wrong impression on your interviewer. You must behave naturally and calm yourself before the interview. Your body gestures should be positive, like stable eye contact, not making too many hand movements while speaking, etc.
  • Disagreement: This is the most important thing. The arguments and disagreements must be avoided during the interview. The tone of the voice should be subtle and respectful in all ways. There could be a disagreement while talking, as it is an instinct, but it should be handled in a decent way to maintain decorum.


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