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Move to Canada for a High Standard of Living

Canada is the best choice for Permanent Settlement

It is not difficult to understand why you require the best consultants for getting Canada Permanent Residency. There is a huge inclination for people to get a pull towards moving to Canada. There is a vastness of landscapes and climates seen in the lands of Canada. It has rocky mountains, dense forests, glacial fields, Great Lakes, fertile prairies, and much more seen on the Canadian lands. Apart from natural beauty, Canadian cities offer high living standards with the best education and healthcare facilities. 

Many Canadian cities have been ranked amount of the most livable cities for the consecutive four years. Vancouver was ranked as the third most livable city in the world in 2017 and Toronto obtained the fourth rank. Canada has maintained the impressive ranks for the quality life of the citizens from 2014-17. The migration consultants in Abu Dhabi can be consulted to discuss your plans to move to Canada and consider any of the incredible Canadian cities for your settlement. 

Every year, there are many considerations done for Canada Permanent Residency. The scale ranging for Canadian cities marks them in the topmost position to be considered among the livable cities all over the globe. Vancouver has attained the 100% score for its best liveability stats. These facts have promoted Canada even superior to the EU cities for its high livable status. Education, lifestyle, and stability make it a choice for many people.

Immigration in Canada

About 300K immigrants are moving to Canada every year. The country has a beautiful environment, free healthcare, the best infrastructure, a good education system, and modern amenities for bringing the most peaceful experience on the planet. 

If you are willing to get a high-quality life and immigrate to Canadian cities for an improved quality of life, the immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi can assist you to make the right choice. To select the right place from Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, or any other state, you can consult the specialists to know about the various options. Apart from the other immigration options, there is a choice to get second citizenship by Investment criteria. 

It is required to maintain a physical residence to obtain a Canada Permanent Residency. The time of processing varies as per your choice of city and program. The dependents along with the main applicant can get the PR for the whole family settlement. Trenity consultants can be the major choice for thinking about relocating to Canada for building a strong future with a high-end lifestyle. 

There are different options designed for investment-based citizenship schemes. 
Quebec Investor Programme (QIIP): The net worth required is CAD $2M and the minimum investment amount needed is CAD $1.2M with the lockin period of 5 years. 
BC PNP (British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program): This program requires net worth of CAD $600K and the minimum investment of $400K outside the capital region and $200K inside the capital region.
Manitoba Business Investor Stream (MPNP): The net worth requirement is $500K and minimum investment is $150K that is $250K outside the capital region.

Permanent Residents Status

Permanent Residents of Canada can get the following advantages:

  • Attain social benefits received by the Canadian citizens, inclusive of healthcare services
  • Protection under Canadian law
  • Live, study, or work anywhere in Canada
  • Can apply for citizenship of Canada
  • Pay taxes at all levels obtain access to services

Living Period in Canada

To obtain PR status, you must be residing in Canada for a minimum of 730 days (continuous or non-continuous) during the last 5 years. PR card can be applied after you become eligible to live in Canada.
The world is recovering, or we can say adjusting with the pandemic and immigration Consultants in Abu Dhabi are getting more demands for Canadian migration. Immigration to Canada is likely to become more important in the coming phase. Canada has been bringing the new permanent residency for putting the restrictions on the place and continuing with the inclusion of new people to restart the progress of the country.

There was an immigration plan released just before the COVID hit the Canadian land. The government announced welcoming of more than. 1.1 M new PR till 2022. Corona will affect the numbers but the serious people having plans for Canada PR will certainly take it as an opportunity to make their plans successful.

Canadian PR gives travel access to 184 countries. The world-class universities and healthcare services can be accessed with the Canadian Permanent Residency. Trenity Consultants experts are proficiently working on many PR cases and focus on delivering the best results for migrating people from any part of the UAE to Canada on a permanent settlement basis. They can give multiple choices for getting a Canadian Permanent Residency or second citizenship by investment in the state of your choice. 
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