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New Hope to Immigrants Facing Deportation

US Visa Consultants In Abu Dhabi

US Visa Consultants In Abu Dhabi can assist you to go through your hope to go to the US by eliminating any chances of deportation. The situation for immigrants in the U.S. was worsening day by day since a man entered the United States illegally from Guatemala to appear for a removal hearing. The Supreme court of the US finally gave thousands of these long-term immigrants a little hope on April 29, 2021, in a ruling that questioned the federal government for improperly informing the Guatemalan regarding his hearing.

After coming to the states illegally in 2005, Agusto Niz-Chavez resided in Michigan with his entire family. The justices in a 6-3 division divide the High Court’s conservative bloc. They upturned a lower court’s judgment that had prevented the Guatemalan from seeking his appeal to call off the attempted dismissal that would depend on the time of his stay in the US.

The justices finally concluded that the Federal Immigration Law should ask Authorities to include all the details required for a notice to be valid for a hearing in one document rather than sending through multiple documents. One single ruling had the potential to affect thousands of immigration cases. Only the best Migration Consultants in Abu Dhabi can understand these concerns and make you take the required steps with ease.

The ruling of Justice Neil Gorsuch stated that according to the case, law’s terms were affirming that, when the Federal Government looks for a procedural advantage against a person, it will at the least provide him with a single and rationally inclusive statement of the nature of the judgments against him. Three liberal justices and two conservative justices (Clarence Thomas and Amy Coney Barret) joined Gorsuch in this statement.

In opposition, conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh stated that the ruling was confusing for statutory elucidation and common sense. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito joined him in this statement. The Migration Consultants in Dubai will find out the new legal updates by the US government and guide the aspirants to move ahead without any discrepancy.

According to Stephen Yale-Loher, a law professor at Cornell University, this single ruling has upturned years of implementation by the Department of homeland security of the US. In the coming time, this will decrease the number of people in immigration affairs. For many, it has given them a second chance to prove their qualification for the cancellation of removal.

Federal law states that if an illegal immigrant has stayed in the U.S. for more than 10 years, he/she can have their deportation canceled. The time calculated to reach that threshold ends only when the government initiates the immigration procedure along with a notice to appear.

These laws can be well-explained and implemented by the Immigration Consultants In Abu Dhabi. In the year 2003, eight years after Niz-Chavez’s stay in the US, the cops stopped him for a broken tail light on his vehicle. This incident led to the Federal Government giving him a notice for a deportation hearing.

The Supreme Court found one more case in the year 2018 that was missing the time and date of the hearing. Niz-Chavez pointed his faulty notice to proclaim that the stop-time rule was not prompted in his case using this case as an example. Cincinnati is an Ohio-based 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. It ruled against Niz-Chavez in 2019, stating that required information can be delivered through multiple documents. The supreme court upturned this judgment.


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