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Reasons for Australian Visa Rejections?

Australian Immigration Consultants in Dubaican help you in finding the opportunities to shift over to the land of thousands of opportunities. The place ensures a bright future and a better living for individuals or families looking forward to moving to Australia through the migration consultants in Abu Dhabi. There are a lot of reasons for which the country stands out as a migration choice for the residents in the UAE.
Visa processing for the skilled visa in Australia is not easy and could be done with the help of the experts in the UAE. Australia Student Visa from UAE requires the assessment levels to be determined by the passport country of the visa applicant and their course to study in any part of Australia. The Australian government is strict in every aspect and follow serious ways to safeguard the protection of its citizens. Hence, the immigration system is not easy to understand and you will require clearing several criteria and major conditions for each visa subclass. Even if a small detail is not fulfilled, there will be a huge chance for rejection without any refund of the application fee. Only the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai or UAE can help the aspirants to take a wise decision.
Although many applicants get Australian PR successfully, there are some cases of rejections as well. The statistics reveal that about 40K rejections are occurring every year which is a big percentage in terms of rejected cases. This article will make you understand the value of a visa consultant in Abu Dhabi and the reasons for trusting them to avoid the rejections for your Australian Visa.
Australian visa rejection consultant

Major Reasons for Australia Visa Rejections

These are the following reasons for which your Australia PR visa application might get rejected:

·       An application under the wrong visa entry category

The three sub-categories of the Australian PR visa are:

  Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190)

  Skilled Independent (Subclass 189)

  Skilled work regional (Provisional Visa: Subclass 491

The government visa policies for Australia keep on changing with different policies and visa specifications as per the different updates. The Immigration Consultants In Abu Dhabi keep updates about such amendments and appropriately implement them to avoid any sort of rejections. It is the reason for them to check for each Australia PR visa category requirements before proceeding to apply as the wrong category selection might lead to visa rejection.

·       Previous records of any violations for visa

If you have any record of visa violations in the past, there are chances to get a rejection for a PR visa again. The reason is that the visa officers would find it difficult to trust your application and even apply further scrutiny to your application. There could be previous reasons like expired student visas, absconding cases, overstays, working with a visitor visa, and other examples due to which the visa gets rejected. It is very difficult to build up that confidence again on the authorities to refile the visa.

·     Incomplete or false documents submission

It is the major reason for which the Australia PR Visa gets rejected. It is important to hire the services of the Best Immigration Consultants In Dubai to avoid any issues relating to incomplete or false filing of the documents. They will double-check the applications and fill in the documents correctly by meeting the required specifications.

In case of rejection due to any issue/confusion, you can upload the proofs again to AAT for rectification. Avoid filing any wrong information about financial statements, relationship status, or any wrong claims that might lead to unwanted issues in the long run.

·      Inability to meet the medical requirements or good character certification

Australian PR visa applicants need to meet the federal character and medical requirements. No country wants to invite any infectious diseases to pose a medical risk to the country. Also, they do not want any criminal engagements in their country of residence. Hence, there is a requirement of the past criminal records of the people who want to shift over to Australia.

· Lack of sufficient funds in the applicant’s account

 This is the major criteria for the Australian government to file out the PR visa application. They make sure that you can live easily in the foreign land by affording the living expenses. Financial documents such as bank statements or valued assets can be given to prove your financial position. Your application might get denied if there are not minimum funds in your account.

 Failure to pass through the visa approval process

 The Australian government requires passing the biometric, medical, or character test before approval of your PR visa. Some of the minor things are there due to which the visas get rejected and these decisions are taken at the last moment by the officials.

What to do for a rejected visa?

The Immigration Consultants in Abu Dhabi try their level best to avoid any rejections. It is important to know about the reason for visa refusal and discuss it well with the Migration Consultants in Abu Dhabi to rebegin your process for the application for an Australian visa.

Trenity Consultants: No Rejections for Australia PR

Trinity Consulting Services works efficiently to deliver the most promising Australia visa services with the experts working in the Australian PR application for a long time. We have been working on the complicated processes and fetched high-rated success for the Australia Student Visa From UAE or Skilled Visa Australia for thousands of applicants. Our visa professionals remain updated on the newest regulations by the Australian government and file every application accordingly.

We assure that every application is filed with the appropriate visa codes and the file rechecking process is done multiple times to avoid any single mistake. We know how important it is for you to relocate to Australia for your career or life goals. Our advisors give the most valuable suggestions by checking your present profile and assure a great career ahead by shifting to Australia. 



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