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Tips to Crack US Visa Interview in Dubai

A visa application process is not easy to fill and majorly for a place like the United States, it is a daunting task for many travelers or immigration aspirants. US visa consultants in Abu Dhabi can fulfill the purpose and help you not making any mistakes. It would be the right way to think about deciding to think about during the USA visa process. The visa application requires many steps that could be handled by the expert visa consultant in Abu Dhabi. It is important to consult the migration consultants in Dubai before making the right decision.
US visa consultants in Abu Dhabi

What are the requirements for US visa applications from the UAE?

• Your passport must have a validity of at least 6 months from the date of travel and enough pages to get visa stamping.
•The type of US visa is granted as per the purpose of your travel. If you need a USA visa for tourism, leisure, or medical purposes (social visits), a B2 visa will be required. US business visa is termed as a B1 visa. These are non-immigrant visas that are valid for 6 months from the date of issuance. •The visa can probably get rejected if it doesn’t meet the travel purpose.
•US government online visa application form DS-160 needs to be submitted with your application. The application needs to be filled with fully accurate information with the required passport images.
•You get an option to schedule an appointment with the Consulate for your visa interview after submission of the application online.
•The documentation needs to be thoroughly checked and sent in order as required by the consulate. You can even carry the documents handy for your visa application. Your migration consultants in Abu Dhabi will check the documentation before submission and help you to submit them in a way that is well-accepted and required by the US government.

Interview Day

It is preferred to reach the Embassy or Consulate at least fifteen minutes previous to your appointment time. It is not possible to get an entry before 30 minutes and you can’t even afford to get late as it could cancel your US interview appointment. The whole process would take approximately 1 hour, or more n some cases., Do not carry any extra items with you as you will not be allowed to bring them with you. Only the applicant would be allowed to enter the consular section as per the appointment. Your US visa consultants in Abu Dhabi can make you aware of the dos and don’ts to follow on the interview date.

Your appointment will be confirmed at the entrance gate before you enter the embassy/consulate. There will be a security check and you need to get your passport, photos, DS-160 confirmation page, information about the appointment, and all the supporting documents prepared by your visa consultant in Abu Dhabi. There will be a token number allotted to you for the interview and you will be required to visit the different sections for the initial examination for your application documents, biometrics, and finally the interview. At the time of your interview, you need to provide all the documents to the officer and they will directly interact with you regarding your intended travel to the USA and other relevant questions. The interview might last for 5-10 minutes.
visa consultants in abu dhabi

Important considerations during the USA interview

•Dress professionally and smartly, take this interview as your job interview.
•Be confident and answer the questions to-the-point. Elaborate your answers wherever it's required and remain honest in giving genuine replies.
•The documents must match with your answers to the interviewers. Come back to Dubai once your travel purpose is over.
•Make sure that your paperwork is solid and your answers are genuine for the best experience. Get everything ready and double-check your things to get the best experience.

At the end of your interview, the consular officer gives you the application status: Accepted or Rejected. The yellow paper represents acceptance and white signifies rejection. In case of acceptance, the candidate is required to provide additional documents for visa approval. The pink document represents that the visa is approved and you may collect your passport after 3-5 days after the visa stamping is done on it.


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