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Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program

Turkish citizenship by Investment Program is gaining a rapid pace with the top migration consultants in Dubai. Turkey launched the $1M program in January 2017 that didn’t get a great response. This was an overvalued concept that had to drop the investment level to $250K in the mid of 2019. This promoted the people to look for migration in Turkey and they started referring the best migration consultants in
Dubai to shift to Dubai.

Citizenship by Investment program: This is a scheme by the national government of Turkey that aims at attracting foreign investment. The Turkish government can grant citizenship to the people who fulfill any of the pre-approved investments. This can be done by consulting the most popular immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi. There is an investment, or donation required for the minimal amount of
money, and the investment criteria are predefined that give you a Turkish passport in return.

Why Turkish immigration?

The beauty of owning a Turkish passport is that it is a Euro-Asian continent with one part in West Europe and the other in the Middle East. This country has rich cultures and there is a huge scope to grow in industrial outlook in the Turkish land. It has an excellent location on the world map and the investors can gain at this economic powerhouse of the world.

Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program

Turkish citizenship by investment program can be proceeded most easily by investing in their country. The major benefit of owning a Turkish passport is that it can be passed to your children, there are better
prospects to work and live in the USA and UK; and there is visa-free traveling assured to more than 110 countries, including Latin America, and Japan. The citizenship can be obtained within 3-4 months and even the dependents can easily get Turkish citizenship.

The initial investment threshold was too large due to which not many people were interested in relocating to Turkey. It needed at least $1 million investment in real estate and at least $3 M investment in total. The laws were revamped and now, we shall discuss the three ways through which a person can obtain a Turkish passport by Investment.

1) Real Estate Property Acquisition

It is a major attraction and the most followed way of shifting to Turkey. You will require an investment of $250K in real estate in Turkey for becoming eligible for a passport and any property like any raw land, house, or apartment that can be purchased as per the need and choice of an individual. There is no approval required to buy properties, as for the other programs. The surveys reveal that the real estate
prices in Istanbul doubles its value within a decade and hence, it will be a fair investment to make. If you are planning about buying a combined property investment with a minimum value of $250K, it
must be in a similar neighborhood and registered on the same day. The property has to be held for a minimum of three years.

2) Generating Jobs

If you want to begin a business in Turkey or start any company, then creating jobs in the Turkish market to get citizenship is a truly attractive opportunity. You will have to get eligibility for a Turkish passport
and employ a minimum of 50 people to clear the eligibility for a Turkish Passport. There is legal advice required that can be provided by migration consultants in Abu Dhabi. There are loopholes to clear when setting up a new company and all that comes with its costing. It is not clear to know about your total investment but it is recommended to get the real estimate to make a long-term legitimate business.

3) Capital Investment

If you don’t prefer real estate investment or any business startup, this might be the option for you. You can even obtain citizenship in Turkey by making a capital investment. You need to invest $500K by
putting the money in a Turkish bank, real estate capital investment fund shares, or purchase government bonds. The investment is made in a stable currency, like the Euros and the sum must be equivalent to $500K. The investment has to be maintained for a minimum of three years.

Choosing the Best Option

Trenity Consultants can be your guides to invest in any of the options to get your Turkish passport. Real estate investments are highly preferred for international investors but the other two options can even be looked for. Real estate investment is preferred as the property appreciates and can be sold after three years, along with obtaining Turkish Citizenship. It requires 3-4 months and the experts from Trenity Consultation Services can assist you with every step to move ahead in the best way.

They will undertake every activity from the beginning until you get citizenship, and would undertake the processes in the most legitimate way. If you are looking for the best immigration consultants in Dubai, Trenity consultants will be your most trusted choice.

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