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What are the requirements for Turkey Citizenship By Investment

People move from their home country to another country due to a number of reasons. They move to make their lives better and secure. Immigration is process of moving from home country to another country with the intention of obtaining citizenship and settling in the new country. Trenity Consultants is the best immigration consultant in Dubai if anyone is looking for moving to a new country and beginning a new chapter in life.

Some of the reasons which urge people to move to a new country are as below:

• To escape political, communal unrest
• To improve quality of life
• To escape war
• To improve economic conditions
• Due to natural disasters
• To reunite with family
• Better employment

Different countries offer different immigration programs. For each immigration program rules, regulations and permits are different. Due to low cost of living and good quality of living Turkey is a preferred country for immigration. Healthy lifestyle, good climate, friendly people, better employment opportunities are the key attraction of moving to the beautiful country Turkey. Trenity Consultants, a leading immigration consultant in UAE helps you to make your dreams of settling in Turkey a reality. We offer the best immigration consultancy in Dubai. We have been assisting successfully in the Turkey Citizenship Investment program in UAE for a very long period of time.

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Turkey citizenship by investment was launched in the year 2017 by the Turkish government. Under the program any foreign investor meeting the requirements under the program can obtain a Turkish passport within 3 to 6 months of applying. Through the program applicants can get residency, citizenship and passport by investing in a number of options. Trenity Consultants have proven record of successfully providing citizenship to its large number of applicants via Turkey Citizenship Investment program.

Below are the Investment options in Turkey

• Buy at least USD 250,000 worth of real estate in Turkey
• Invest in various fixed capital contribution worth at least a USD 500,000
• Deposit a minimum of USD 500, 000 of Turkish money or equivalent currency in a bank
• Provide employment for at least 50 people in Turkey by setting up a company or any business
• Commit at least USD 500,000 into real estate investment fund share or venture capital investment fund share
• Invest in at least USD 500,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish lira into government bonds

Anyone can apply for Turkey citizenship through investment program if
• You are a grown-up
• You have no criminal background or cases against you
• All your funds and assets acquired is through legal means
• You have never resided in Turkey unlawfully
• All due diligence has been completed on your investment

Records required for Turkey Investor Visa Application

Turkey Citizenship Investment program in UAE can be easily processed by contacting Trenity Consultants. The documents required for a Turkey Investor Visa application are.

• Passport (for every candidate).
• Evidence of having made the vital investment.
• A Turkish Tax Number.
• Record demonstrating you have never remained in Turkey unlawfully.
• Evidence of having covered the taxes and expenses for the Turkey Investment Visa application.
• Criminal background (for every candidate).
• Birth testament (for every candidate).
• Passport size photo (for every candidate).
• Marriage Certificate (if pertinent).
• Divorce Certificate (if pertinent).
• Death Certificate (if applicable).
• Evidence of medical coverage that is valid in Turkey (for every candidate).

Along with assisting in Turkey Citizenship Investment program Trenity Consultants can also undoubtfully say that we are also the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai. Contact us to give your dreams wings to fly!
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