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What jobs are in demand in Canada?

Canada immigration consultants in Dubai

Many foreigners are looking ahead to move to Canada as their land of opportunities. The basic aim behind relocating to Canada is to lead a comfortable life and give the best living style to your family. The main concern expressed by the prospects in front of Canada immigration consultants in Dubai is to find work in Canada. It is not that easy to search for the jobs as it seems as you need to follow the important steps illustrated by your Canada visa experts to fetch the most promising jobs that match your interest and skills.

The job offer from a Canadian employer enhances your chance of getting a PR invite. Canada Permanent Residency from UAE can be applied with the candidates for express-entry PNPs or clubbing the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. There are many immigrants in Canada and there is a huge demand for skilled workers in the Canadian land. More than 1/4th of the total workforce of Canada has immigrants included in it.
Most in-demand jobs in Canada

The most in-demand Canadian jobs are illustrated below:

  1. Sales Associates
  2. Project Manager
  3. Business development manager
  4. IT Developers
  5. Receptionist
  6. Driver
  7. General laborer
  8. Registered nurse
  9. Human Resources Manager
  10. Accountant
  11. Merchandiser
  12. Heavy-duty mechanic
  13. Financial advisor
  14. Electrical engineer

If your expertise falls under any one of these areas, your skills are highly in demand and you can contact Canada visa experts to get the most benefits.

Finding a job in Canada

The Canadian economy added to about one million job opportunities last year that were postponed due to COVID-19. There are many jobs posted by employers across Canada. You can check out your work experience and credentials to find out the best jobs. Some people enroll in Canadian government jobs after obtaining permanent residency. Canada student visa from UAE also ensures some part-time jobs that are floated by the private sector or government employers. The scope of full-time jobs is feasible after the completion of studies.

Beware of Fake job offers

There are many job offerings presented in the Canadian world of immigration but all of them are not worthy. Only the trusted Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai can give a fair chance to their clients to avoid any scams or mistakes that might mislead them. It is illegal to make payment for a Canadian job or offer letter with the purpose of relocation to Canada. The letterhead of the company from which the job offer is obtained should be well examined for accuracy and avoiding any scam.

Requirements to apply for a job in Canada

These are the following steps to follow for the process of applying for the job in Canada:

  1. Updating your CV and cover letter: Curriculum Vitae is a document containing the education, achievement, employment history, and other details. The cover letter will contain your first impression. The resume needs to include everything you need to tell the employer and the letter can explain why you are the best for a particular job.
  2. Detailed research: The research about the companies is essential to understand where you want to work. Finding the job openings and the relevant company culture is the primary step to apply for a job in Canada.
  3. Advantage of social media: Social media is a powerful tool helping you a long way in your job search.
  4. References: Giving strong references always helps employers to learn more about you and your employment history. It is a valuable resource to add to your CV as giving references means that there are people who acknowledge your work and can refer you for great work.
  5. Following up: The job market is competitive and follows up is a must to obtain a job that can make your career bright. Following up reveals your interest and you can thank the employers for their consideration of your profile.

Canadian Employment Services: Trenity Consultants

Trenity Consultants are Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai dealing with all types of visas to relocate to Canadian land. They have a team of immigration experts ready to help with the visa categories in Canada migration. You can consult Canada visa experts working in different streams to get the full knowledge about Canadian employment. The guidance can be taken in a cover letter for Canadian employment purposes and the personalized case analysis is done to assure that your migration application is very important to us. Feel free to get a free assessment for your profile today and our Canadian experts will guide you for the best possible response for your Canada Permanent Residency from UAE. They are the best migration consultancy services giving the most reliable and trusted options for jobs or students and ultimately, the permanent settlement of the candidates.

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