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What You Need To Do Beforehand While Applying For Australian Student Visa

Universities of Australia are popular among students who wish to pursue their higher education abroad. There are many top rated universities in Australia. The Universities in Australia are known for offering high quality education. Another major advantage of Australian Universities is the cost of education. The fees charged by the Universities are reasonable and affordable. Getting a student visa in Australia is also not complicated. Trenity Consultants, best Immigration Consultants in Dubai will assist in all the processes required for successfully getting Australian student visa from UAE.

Things to do beforehand while applying for Australian student visa from UAE

Research for a course

Researching for a course is the first step which you have to do before you apply for an Australian student visa. You have to go through in detail about the various courses offered by the Universities. You need to look at your future goals and your desired career before fixing on a University. Other factors which you have to consider are the fee structure, location and the living expenses. For appropriate guidance regarding the programs, universities, location etc, it is recommended to get the support of a consultant.

Arranging and submission of documents

Study in Australia program requires you to submit various documents and financial proofs. Your education documents, citizenship documents, passport copy, other academic records, English language proficiency test results, Confirmation of Enrolment letter, SOP (Statement of Purpose), and Genuine Temporary Entrant details should be submitted. You can take the assistance of a consultant for document translation like the transcripts and certificates of academics. The consultant will assist you in applying to various Universities.

Get accepted in a University

Once you get the offer letter and confirm a University you have to pay the prescribed tuition fees and take care of the insurance. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is mandatory and it will cover medical and hospital expenses. Subsequently you will get the electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) which is required for visa application process.

Apply for Australian Student Visa

An account is opened in official site using online application system for applying for Australian Student Visa from UAE. By utilizing the account you will also get to know the status of your visa. Application for a student visa has to be submitted six weeks before the course starts and no earlier than 12 weeks. Application of Australian Student Visa from UAE involves the submission of a list of documents. The information and documents required can also vary according to the course and the university.

Documents which are to be submitted along with Visa application fee during the application process include:

Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)
Financial proof
Health insurance (Overseas Student Health Cover)
English language proficiency test details
Genuine Temporary Entrant statement
Academic requirements
A valid passport
Parental consent if under the age of 18 years

Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)Financial proofHealth insurance (Overseas Student Health Cover)English language proficiency test detailsGenuine Temporary Entrant statementAcademic requirementsA valid passportParental consent if under the age of 18 years

Since the rules and regulations regarding immigration is subject to change. You should always stay updated about it. Trenity Consultants, the best Immigration Consultants in Dubai will give you the proper support and guidance for the same.

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